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Story Of Our Brand

Munnar Black Forest Resort started its operations in the hospitality and tourism sector in the year 2015. Right from the beginning, we had a very clear notion that our brand will be on the list of the ‘Best Resorts in Munnar’, and to date, we uphold this achievement.

Munnar Black Forest Resort also has the highest number of rooms than any of the resorts in Munnar. With an exceptional service record from the last 6 years, we are constantly molding and perfecting our strategies in hospitality and operations to provide top-notch facilities and stay experience to our valuable guests.

The location of Munnar Black Forest Resort is a prime factor that helped us get fast into the hearts of our guests. We always tried to preserve the natural ecosystem around our property and pass its revitalizing experience to our guests. We always try to rectify any flaws through valuable customer feedback and interactions and all these make us stick to the top in the list of best.

Black Forest Family

The Black Fores family is an ever-growing element with our motivated employees, Happy Guests, and management.

Defining Service standards

Our unblemished services helped us to define better standards and we are able to update them with the changing trends.

Round the Clock Service

Our team is ready to help you at any time of the day to provide a great hospitality experience.